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Our Mission & Values

 Our school is a caring and supportive learning community in which every individual feels valued and respected by all and is encouraged to be the best they can be socially and academically.


"REACHING for our Best"

 Our values, which were identified by the school community, are: 


Everyone (Inclusive)

Achieve Your Best


Helpful & Caring


Never Give Up (Determination)

Go for it!

We support the children to develop the behaviours and learning attitudes associated with our school values.  To recognise the children's achievement, they work towards Bronze, Silver, Gold and Platinum Phoenix Awards during their time at the school

 We promote 'British Values', which are defined by the government as democracythe rule of lawindividual libertymutual respect and tolerance  of different faiths and beliefs, through our school values, curriculum and enrichment activities.  To fine out more, read:  How we promote British Values