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What to do if you're stuck...

We encourage children to be independent learners, in particular to be resilient and resourceful when they are 'stuck'.  In the past we have used the '4Bs' - Brain, Board, Buddy, Boss - to remind children what to do to get unstuck.  Recently, we have expanded this to the '6Bs':


  • Be Brave - Have a go!
  • Be Still - Stop and have a think
  • Backtrack - Look at the Learning Objective / Success Criteria again
  • Buddy - Ask your learning partner to help
  • Bits & Bobs - Remember to use resources
  • Boss - It's time to ask the teacher!


You may see these posters around the school!

This approach is based on action research on formative assessment undertaken by Shirley Clarke and work on 'Growth Mindset' by Carol Dweck.