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Results & School Development Plan (SDP)

Below is a summary of our School Development Plan for 2018-19.  Our SDP details the areas we are working on and the actions we are taking to make improvements:

Summary SDP 2018-19


Academic Results:  

You can access our official school results for 2017-2018, plus previous years, and compare us with other schools on the Department for Education (DfE) website here:

 Our Official results for 2017 – 2018 are shown below:

 Year R:  77% at a ‘Good Level of Development (GLD).

 Year 1: 69% of pupils achieved the level required to pass the Phonics Awareness Check.

 Year 2:  100% of pupils passed the Phonics Awareness Check.

70% at ‘Expected Standard’ in Reading (including 30% at 'Greater Depth'); 70% in Writing (20%); 73% in Maths (13%) and 67% in combined Reading/Writing and Mathematics (with 7% at Greater Depth).

Year 6: End Of Key Stage 2

Year 6 sit the national Key Stage 2 SATs in Reading, Writing, Maths and EGPS (English Grammar, Punctuation and Spelling).

We are pleased that Wildmoor Heath Year 6 pupils achieved in line with national averages. (In 2019 we are aiming to exceed national in both Expected and Greater Depth, in line with our school development priorities.)