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Parent Governor Vacancy

To parents and carers of pupils at Wildmoor Heath school

Friday 5th April 2019

Dear parent/carer

Election of Parent Governors

I am writing to inform you that we have two vacancies for Parent Governors on the Local Governing Body.

There is provision for two parent governors on the Local Governing Body.  These work alongside other Governors who represent school staff, Governors appointed by the Greenshaw Learning Trust and Governors appointed by the Local Governing Body itself.  There is a total of 12 governors.

The role of the school Governor is both rewarding to the individual and invaluable to the school.  You will need to be supportive of the values of the school and be able to give time and effort to further its ongoing development; support and training is provided.  No specific experience is required; however, the Wildmoor Governors would welcome nominations from parents with management, financial or educational skills.

As a Governor you will be expected to attend meetings and take an active part in them, help the Local Governing Body make informed decisions, and get involved with the school and its pupils.  The Local Governing Body normally meets seven times a year, usually in the evening.  You may also be asked to take on particular tasks in relation to the work of the Governing Body and the school.

There are rules on a person’s eligibility to be a Governor, e.g. relating to bankruptcy and criminal convictions and requirements on disclosure of interests and involvement in other bodies that could impact on the work of the Trust or the school.

Parents wishing to stand for election are asked to complete the application form attached (Appendix A).  All application forms must be returned to the school by the closing date, Tuesday 7th May 2019 3.15pm.

For further information on the role of and requirements on a school Governor, see the attached ‘Guide and requirements for being a Governor’ (Appendix B).

If more applications are received than there are vacancies, a ballot will be held in which all parents and carers may vote.  The applicant’s personal statement will be made available to all parents/carers to inform their vote.

The following election timetable will apply:

Friday 5th April 2019:  Letter sent to all parents and carers inviting nominations via email, pupil post, and available on the school website

Tuesday 7th May 2019 3.15pm:  Closing date for nominations

In the event of a ballot being required:

Thursday 16th May 2019:  Voting papers despatched via pupil post and email

Monday 3rd June 2019:  Ballot closed

Please do not hesitate to contact me should you require any further information,

Yours sincerely


Celeste Moruzzi
Clerk to the Local Governing Body

·        Appendix A:   Application form
·        Appendix B:   Guide and requirements for being a Governor
·        Appendix C:   Code of Conduct
·        Appendix D:   Declarations of interest policy
·        Appendix E:   Greenshaw Learning Trust leaflet