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How we teach reading at Wildmoor Heath

Reading in school should be an enjoyable experience which allows children to develop both their imagination and their vocabulary. Independent readers should be encouraged to read for a sustained length of time allowing them to become ‘lost in a book’. Children must also read in order to access the curriculum both in Key Stages 1 and 2. Reading is vital for future learning and the cornerstone of education.   

Our school’s values, high expectations and a commitment to Assessment for Learning (AfL), ensures that children can become independent and motivated. Success through reading is the greatest motivator of all.

The teaching of reading at Wildmoor Heath is based on 1:1 tuition in EYFS and KS1 and group guided reading in KS2.  However, children working below age related expectations or making slow progress in KS2 should also receive regular 1:1 tuition.  In a 1:1 situation, children have to interact, thereby taking part in the learning process.  However, this is an expensive model, heavily dependent on trained adult resources, and therefore has implications for both cost and the timetable. 

Individualised reading is based on continuous assessment of need, and teaching the strategy required AT THAT TIME. It is crucial that the text is matched to the child’s needs.

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