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What Makes Wildmoor Heath Special - Writing Competition


What Makes Wildmoor Heath Special?

During the summer term we asked the children to write about what makes our school special.  These were the winning entries chosen by Mr Peaple and governors.  Well done to all those who took part and, in particular, to the winners.

Year 6 (Now Year 7)

Tallulah Coates

Hannah Futhee


Year 5 (Now Year 6)

Erin Belliss-Coff


Year 4 (Now Year 5)

Anna Heath

Esme Cooper

Madeleine Brandist

Ruby Greguric


Year 3 (Now Year 4)

Emily Croll

Emily Haslegrave

Ethan Burt

Hattie Smith

Mia Thurgood

Sophie Thurgood


Year 2 (Now Year 3)

Joe Hart

Scarlett Futhee


Year 1 (Now Year 2)

Ana Riley


EYFS (Now Year 1)

Abigail Smith

Aine Moruzzi

Ava Godfree

Ben Fuller

Roxy Bonewell