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Results & School Development Plan (SDP)

Below is a summary of our School Development Plan for 2017-18.  Our SDP details the areas we are working on and the actions we are taking to make improvements:

Summary SDP 2017-18

We revised Objective 1 of the SDP in October 2017 in light of our KS2 results.  We have put more emphasis on developing reading skills through a different approach to guided reading in Y3-6.



You can also access our latest School Performance Table on the Department for Education (DfE) website here:

Our Official results for 2016-17 will be published here in January 2018.  Our Provisional Results for 2016-17 are:

Year R:  81% at a ‘Good Level of Development (GLD)’

Year 2:  83% at ‘Expected Standard’ in Reading (including 30% at 'Greater Depth'); 80% in Writing (10%); 77% in Maths (17%) and 73% in all three combined (7%).

Year 6:  68% at ‘Expected Standard’ in Reading (including 10% at 'Higher Standard'); 79% in Writing (14%); 79% in Maths (14%) and 68% in all three combined (3%).  Progress for reading is -1.4, -0.08 for writing and -0.6 for mathematics which are 'average'.  Our scaled scores for Reading and Maths are 102 and 102.9 respectively,

Based on what we know so far, our results will be in-line with or above the local and national averages for Expected Standard (EXS), but below for 'Greater Depth' (GDS) or 'Higher Standard'.  There are, of course, some things we need to improve, but overall these are a very solid set of results and a testament to the hard work of the children and staff!