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Nicola Thurgood

Staff Governor


Like many of the staff at Wildmoor Heath I first became involved with the school as a volunteer parent when my little girls joined the nursery (F1).  Since those early days I have gained qualifications relating to supporting teaching and learning.  I am now in my fourth year at the school working as a Teaching Assistant.

I believe passionately that education is not just about learning formal subjects in lessons, but about developing the child as a whole.   This is why I am delighted that we are now following the IPC curriculum.  Our children have the opportunity to learn new facts/skills and apply them in real-life situations ... while they are doing this they are developing those all-important social skills of problem solving, negotiation, compromise and resilience.

As a governor I use my first-hand experience of working in the school together with twenty years' experience in Project and Bid Management.  I became a governor at the start of 2014 and am currently a member of the Staffing Committee.


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