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Cliff Thompson

Authority Governor

I live in Crowthorne with my wife within walking distance of the School.

I have been a Governor of the school for over 10 years and am one of the Governors nominated by Bracknell Forest Council.

I have been a Councillor on Brackell Fores tCouncil since 1997 following retirement and have a number of roles. I was Mayor in 2006-7 as well as being Chairman of the Licensing and Safety Committee and the Council's Older Peoples Champion. I am also a governor at Edgbarrow School

Before retirement I was a solicitor employed as legal adviser to a large public company for over 25 years. In my earlier years I worked as a solicitor in family practice.

As a Governor of the school my objective is to further the interests of the school its pupils, teachers and non-teaching staff.

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