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School Development Plan for 2017-18

On Thursday 9th February staff and governors came together for our fourth annual School Development Conference.  As well as identifying where the school is doing well, the main aim of the conference was to decide on our priorities for next year based on our monitoring and data.  Our next School Development Plan (SDP), which starts in April, will focus on four key areas: 

  1. Continuing to develop the assessment of the core and foundation subjects so that it is (a) secure and (b) that we have a growing understanding of what ‘mastery’ and ‘greater depth’ looks like;
  2. Ensure that spelling, grammar and punctuation is well taught so that (a) children understand and use technical vocabulary and (b) apply their skills in writing cross the curriculum;
  3. Improve fluency and reasoning skills in mathematics;
  4. Ensure that children who have special educational needs and / or are disadvantaged attain and achieve in-line with their peers nationally;

These priorities will drive budget decisions as well as the staff’s training and development programme.  We are now in the process of writing the detailed plan, a summary of which will be published on the school website in the Summer Term.

A summary of the School Development can be found here.