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Rio Award 2017

The Rio Award is made in the memory of a former pupil, Rio, who died of Neuroblastoma in 2009.  Rio was a kind-hearted, friendly and special member of our school community, who embodied our school values perfectly. She was respectful to everyone and always worked hard and always did her best. She was helpful and caring and included everyone in everything she did. One of the most special things about Rio was her individuality, which shone through in her love of all things creative.

This award is given annually to recognise the outstanding contribution to school life of one of our pupils. The winner is voted for by staff from the pool of Platinum Phoenix Award winners.

Our winner this year is Freya.

Her citation reads:  "Freya fully embodies the school values and her positive attitude to all aspects of school life are both inspirational and inspiring. Nothing is too much for her and she is always the first to volunteer for a job. There are many examples of why Freya has won the Rio award, but one recent incident springs to mind. It was at the Kwik Cricket Festival in June. The girls were about to play their first game and needed 4 bowlers – we had 3 volunteers but nobody wanted to be the 4th. There was a deathly silence and all of a sudden this brave young voice said that she would do it – she would bowl. However, she also acknowledged that she felt that she was not very good and could lose the team a lot of points. Nevertheless, she did it. She put her personal worries and fears aside for the team. She wasn’t frightened of failure and this why she is a winner. Her courage on that day epitomises what Freya is all about.  This is a young person who is not frightened to take a risk and has consistently shown kindness, resilience and determination during her time at Wildmoor Heath. She is extremely hard working and can always be relied upon to try her best. Moreover, our winner is always involved in the wider aspects of school – life. From playing in sport’s festivals to singing at the O2 she has done it all! She has been a librarian, a prefect and a good friend to everybody."

Congratulations Freya and to all those pupils who achieved the Platinum Phoenix Award this year – it is hard enough to achieve Gold – so to have been awarded Platinum is a real achievement. Thank you all for the contribution you have made to Wildmoor Heath over the years.