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Charter of Children's Cultural Rights


Article 31 of the UN Convention on the Rights of the Child:  “Every child has the right to relax, play and join in a wide range of cultural and artistic activities.”



Wildmoor Heath School’s curriculum will reflect our commitment to providing children with opportunities to learn about and through cultural and artistic activities:


  • International Primary Curriculum – Society / International Mindedness modules provide an opportunity for children to study the rights of other people, other cultures and or other creatures (e.g. animal welfare);
  • Regular music and singing lessons
  • Regular art & design lessons;
  • Dance is taught as part of PE;
  • Drama / role play is used throughout the curriculum;
  • Film / moving image media / sound media is used throughout the curriculum;
  • An annual ‘Arts Week’;
  • Year 4 receive weekly brass lessons from Berkshire Maestros;
  • World Book Day;
  • Armistice Day Assembly;
  • Religious Education;
  • Assemblies linked to historical / cultural / religious events;
  • Fund raising activities to support local, national and international causes;


Artistic / Cultural Trips & Visitors

During their time at Wildmoor Heath, children will have the opportunity to experience a wide variety of educational trips and visitors.  These may be offered as part of the curriculum or as enrichment activities outside of the school day and include:


  • Residential trips to Hooke Court (Year 4) and Rhos-y-gwaliau (RYG) (Year 6);
  • ‘National’ Art gallery (e.g. National Gallery, Tate Modern);
  • ‘National’ Museum (e.g. Natural History Museum, Science Museum, British Museum);
  • ‘National’ landmark (e.g. Westminster Abbey, Houses of Parliament);
  • Significant local place(s) (e.g. Wildmoor Heath, ‘The Look Out’, Wellington College, South Hill Park);
  • Place(s) of worship;
  • Professional play / production (e.g. Shakespeare at the Globe Theatre);
  • Libraries (e.g. Crowthorne Library, Wellington College Library)
  • Pantomime;
  • Film at a cinema;
  • Professional sports match;
  • Live music;
  • Visit from an author or poet;
  • Visit from an artist;
  • Visit from local vicar / priest;
  • Visit from local Librarian;

Performances / Exhibitions

Children will be given opportunities to perform to a variety of audiences during their time at Wildmoor Heath:


  • Year 4 Brass;
  • The School Choir performs regularly to the school, to the community and at local events (e.g. B.F. Carol Concert);
  • Year 6 Production;
  • EYFS Nativity Play;
  • Whole School – Christmas Concert;
  • Year 1-2 Harvest Festival;
  • Year 3-4 Easter Production;
  • Regular opportunities to exhibit work (IPC);
  • Art exhibition (Arts Week);
  • Opportunity to use technology to make and share sound / multi-media and / or moving image ‘texts’;


Extra-Curricular Activities

Children will have further optional opportunities to pursue artistic and cultural interests and / or to perform:


  • The school provides facilities for peripatetic music teachers;
  • Opportunity to join the school choir;
  • Art Club;
  • PTA Talent Show;
  • Crowthorne Carnival (Bi-annual);
  • Election of School Council (using LA ballot boxes and booths etc);
  • Intra-house sporting competition;
  • Inter-school sporting competitions;
  • Local Authority sponsored Art Competitions / Exhibitions;