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Big Pedal - Bracknell Champions!


We are pleased to announce the winners of the Big Pedal in Bracknell Forest with the Best Total Daily Score % over the 10 days goes to:  WILDMOOR HEATH SCHOOL!

We had an amazing 52.86% daily score for the competition, placing 157th nationally! We held some amazing events throughout the competition and kept enthusiasm up at an all-time high!

We will be receiving 2 lovely frog bikes of our choice.


Some interesting facts:

For Bracknell Forest we had:

Total journeys: 9648

Child journeys (bike): 3411

Child journeys (scooter): 4583

Supporter journeys: 1654


For the South East we had:

Total journeys of over 392,000 miles!

That’s the same as over 631,000 kilometres travelled, which equates to almost 2 trips to the moon or 16 and a half journeys around the world!

Over 245,000 car journeys were taken off the road with 109 tonnes of CO2 emissions were saved during the Big Pedal.

Thinking from a health and wellbeing aspect – the South East of England burnt approximately 7 million calories (28,000 donuts!).